Monday, 16 July 2012

Designer Wedding Cards for Everlasting Memories

Your wedding is an occasion which is eagerly awaited. It is that time when couples exchange nuptial vows. Wedding also binds you and your partner as one for life.
Wedding Card Designs
Many think about the gifts to be sent out to the couple. It is part of the custom that gifts are sent to the duo which they could use during their marriage life. But, weddings cannot be plain weddings with these gifts only. Enter the world of wedding cards. Wedding cards are sent by the couple to their guests including relatives and well – wishers to grace the wonderful day with their presence. There are also wedding cards which are sent to the invited people by the couple. Traditional wedding cards bear either the good wishes, or a long poem of commitment. Also, there are blank cards on which you can write down your feelings for the couple.

Wedding cards can be colorful or they can be plain white. It depends from person to person.  Some of you may like to design your wedding card based on the wedding color. While, some rather be very liberal about the colors and concentrate more on symbols.

Size does not matter here if you know what you want

The wedding card wording may also contrast in sizes. There might be some which are handy. Some might be a little bigger like the size of the file folder. There are better wedding cards out there in varied sizes. You could seek the help of wedding planners and designer wedding cards companies. These people offer bespoke wedding cards too.  Surprise, the wedding couple by getting their pictures printed on the card. Photo cards look awesome!

Wedding content

The content in your wedding card must be expressive. It may be plain text, decorated text, or a blend of these texts. These days even musical cards are very popular. Musical cards were a hit and still are.  They have great demand in the market. Some people fancy buying musical wedding cards as music is refreshing and brings cheerfulness.

You can keep beautiful wedding invitations in a treasure box!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Make Fusion Special Wedding Cards for You Nuptials

Special Wedding Invitations
All couples who are soon going to ‘say I do’, know that the nuptials stationery doesn’t simply refer to exclusive wedding invitations. A wedding card refers to many other things such as, note cards, postcards, place cards, save the date cards, menu cards, venue cards and thank you cards, and other materials in print like wedding information and even location maps.

The fused look of the marriage stationery is significant because it is about paying great attention to the minute details that make certain a successful, graceful, unforgettable wedding.

If you want that fused look on your wedding stationary, it will be best if all material is bought, all at once. This will make sure that there is uniformity in the color, material and design, even if you will use them at different occasions.  Besides, be sure to check all paraphernalia that you are making use of from time to time, for special wedding cards.

Start by maintaining a diary to jot down any, font style, paper thickness, paper and ink colors, and design patterns. So, whenever next time you want to remember any of those things, just look into the diary and you will be sorted! Imagine how much time and energy you will save! This also ensures that you will not wander from your theme and spoil that fused look.

It is good to keep in constant touch with the service provider for all items and their get their personal contact info. Bookstores are just the right places to find some of these materials. Check out online for more information as you would be able to explore several designs and wedding stationary ideas, as you are comfy at home.

It would save the money and time of couples who are going to get hitched shortly. Find a one-stop shop, from where all the material is available. Also, keep an alternate supplier contact info; it can be useful just in case. Try to avoid alternate suppliers for the same thing as there is likelihood that they don’t have the same material, while the items are charged the same.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Discover a Range of Different NRI Wedding Cards

For people in love and soon-to-be married their wedding ceremony is one day they look forward to all their lives. A wedding brings love and happiness in the air! Exclusive wedding cards play a huge role in making your nuptials even more special! You may think that wedding invites are only those cards sent to the husband-wife duo for guests to send their best wishes. As opposed to popular belief, there are many cards that can be labeled as ‘wedding cards’.
wedding cards

Take a look at some of these wedding cards,

• Cards that can be seen in the early stages of the preparation are called the wedding invitations. If you have a considerable amount of money, you could think about two kinds of cards. Firstly, the ‘save the date’ cards and secondly the formal wedding invitations. If you have to draw dissimilarity between them, the ‘save the date’ invite has nothing but the marriage date. The purpose of this is that your guests can clear their schedules set the date for the wedding at the earliest. The ceremonial wedding cards have more niceties the occasion such as the time, attire, venue and contribution.

• One more type of NRI wedding cards is the ‘wedding table’ card. In some ceremonies where the seating plan in the function is assigned, the table notes help guests get their seats. Seating planning in a wedding is perfect as it encourages communication between guests sharing same interests.

• Next is the ‘Thank You’ card which is commonly seen in the marriage ceremony. But, unlike the cards talked about above, these cards are sent out when the function comes to an end. This card goes out to those who actually were actually present at the event as a symbol of the newlywed couple’s gratitude of the guests' turnout.

All of these wedding cards form a significant part of the wedding minutiae. By tradition, these cards are designed on the basis of the wedding theme. Contemporary cards can be in print and can have designs such as flowers, beads, confetti, ribbons and much more. Whatever purpose or design the card has, remember each wedding card is special!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Do You Think Designing an Indian Wedding Cards Is Easier Said Than Done?

When a duo makes up their mind to get wedded, they begin planning every aspect of their wedding. The lot needs to be just right; despite the fact that it is the venue, wedding dress, cake or the wedding invites. As a soon-to-be groom or bride, you may want to involve yourself in each element of wedding planning. Considering that it is your wedding invitation; you could have your personal unique design. Try to choose the bits and pieces you love most, including the most exquisite printing samples and even the most graceful envelopes for cards. On the other hand, a couple should have mutual say as to the design of the wedding invitation. You and your partner must work out all the pre-wedding nitty-gritty, together.

At the outset if you are unfamiliar, you must try to understand, the processes that ensue in wedding cards printing. These invitation need not to be in printed form. Most of you will, in all probability, go for printed cards. In such case, know about all that happens in printing process, such as, four color printing, hot stamping, engraving, embossing. After you settle on a design, you could ask a pro printing company to talk about how these cards will be made. If you want them to work on your own deigns, send them your templates and discuss your requirements in detail. If they are credible, they will recommend you the most excellent way to print Indian wedding cards. If needed, they must also advise you to modify those computer templates.

Subsequently, pick the materials; paper, in this case. The printing services should have assorted paper sample ready for you. You should think twice of the color. To ensure that, ask for color proof and if the color proof is fine and you love the way they stick out, you can place the final order. On average, it will take a couple of weeks for the process to get over. The time taken actually depends on how elaborate the design is. All said and done, you should get, eventually, what you have always wanted!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Are You Confused About Choosing Your Contemporary Wedding Invitation?

designer wedding cards
With a flighty choice of contemporary wedding cards out there, it's tricky for you to know, where to begin while selecting your invitations. You have to know that the wedding card design you pick is an opening hint to the wedding guests of the look and theme of your marriage ceremony. You most likely wouldn't have a customary country style invitation for a minimalist contemporary city ceremony. For contemporary marriage invites, there's a bit for everyone, and for those who are unconvinced with what they have in mind, there are a few simple pickings which will most certainly help you out with you contemporary custom wedding invitations,

•Messages on the card are very important and the irony is that the propriety of wedding card is easier said than done. It will be generally addressed by you, if you are the host. The wordings on a wedding card should appear as if it comes out straight from the hearts of the couple and their family.

•Colors and flavors of your wedding ceremony should radiate from the invitation itself. If you are confused about the color theme, you could borrow ideas in all directions, like your bridesmaid’s dresses! The interior decor of the venue of your nuptials also matters. Check out the architecture, drapes; the whole feel of the soon-to-be wedding should give off through your invitation.

•Save-the -date cards! Yes, this is a new feature to contemporary designer wedding cards. This card is for those couples who are getting wedded in a popular wedding season and want to hold the dates before another lucky couple takes it away!

•Lastly, one thing that need not be even mentioned, but had to come up here because, it is indeed the most important one. Plan everything according to the funds in your wallet. Contemporary wedding cards are available in both lavish and simple designs. The card designer will offer you a variety, but it is you and your instincts that will be helpful eventually.

Wedding invites are a token of the joint interest and individuality of the couple. Make your wedding more special and memorable by sending out contemporary wedding cards designed by professionals.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Essence of Invitation Cards

invitations cards for wedding
Our life is full of diverse kinds of feelings and the two most important human emotions are a joy and sadness. There are some special cases are specifically we wanted to share it with others. We invite friends and relatives to share our happiness or sadness.

An important part of wedding is to invite guests. In general, visitors are invited to the invitation. Indian wedding cards are available in various styles and designs. Today you can have a real rich look and Scroll Wedding Cards. This can send the invitation look unique and special. Like every year, organized by the National Fair desktop recently in New York. Hundreds of exhibitors and buyers for this show come from all over the world. Among the different types, one of the most popular wedding cards was rolling.

There are various advantages for using invitations cards for wedding. Through an elaborate invitation card, you can express yourself better than other choices of invitations. This card will help call to remind friends and relatives about the date, time and place of operation. If the invitation verbally, then you can forget to say something, but the card will not forget anything. The card is the most formal type of invitation. After the name of the card, which can confirm that those who were invited and those who remain. Card is the best choice if the person is not home and not come to the phone.Christian wedding cards

Select the card will be a difficult task for you. Generally Christian wedding cards are inspiring the invitation cards as compare to   others have done. You must have a good paper, but your invitation code. It is true that only the cards are very expensive, but a simple and easy access cards can also be shocked to know, that you are. You should also think about the wording of the invitation, there is more to influence the reader. The language should show kindness and finally read the receiver can not get the card because of the great theme of the card should be so is not the question be read.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Muslim Wedding Cards

Muslims wedding cards

Muslim wedding cards are sent to inform guests of (Nikaah), the wedding ceremony. Although prosaic terms, that the wedding invitation is just a way to announce the names of the bride and groom, place and time of Nikaah.

Marriage is a joyous occasion - which means that everyone comes together in circle of love. Therefore, as an omen of good fortune, it is natural that the wedding cards were designed in the most beautiful. After all, customers are greeted by many people and not pay attention to the route map aesthetic, cultural and religious, and the message.

Muslim wedding cards are very traditional. You can find the colors and patterns typical of these, the wedding cards. According to the religious significance, the green color is great. Other popular colors used in the Muslim wedding cards include cream, gold and red. "Mehndi" is for good luck, because fertility is as worthy of a wedding.

Muslim wedding cards brings the beauty along with poetry of old heritage the Mughals and the Afghans. Muslim wedding cards usually have designs that recall the ancient Muslim art. The great projects of the leaves, the intricate patterns, domes, peacock feathers, etc., are common. These traditional designs are even adorned with decorative objects such as stones and bindi. Using foil, handmade paper, satin, silk and velvet, wedding cards are made to look even more attractive and appealing.
wedding card designs

Although not mandatory, wedding cards, most Muslims are carriers of some verses of the Koran. This is the purpose of giving blessings to the couple for the road ahead of them. In this context, it should be remembered that the ancient cultures and religions place great emphasis on the marriage ceremony. In these cultures, marriage is a lifelong union. Therefore, it is natural to seek the blessing of a higher authority when you embark on this partnership.

Besides poetry, some cards can also carry meaning symbols of marriage, as the image of the moon. Calligraphy plays main role in traditional Muslim wedding cards. This is how Muslim tradition celebrates their wedding with pomp and show.