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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Discover a Range of Different NRI Wedding Cards

For people in love and soon-to-be married their wedding ceremony is one day they look forward to all their lives. A wedding brings love and happiness in the air! Exclusive wedding cards play a huge role in making your nuptials even more special! You may think that wedding invites are only those cards sent to the husband-wife duo for guests to send their best wishes. As opposed to popular belief, there are many cards that can be labeled as ‘wedding cards’.
wedding cards

Take a look at some of these wedding cards,

• Cards that can be seen in the early stages of the preparation are called the wedding invitations. If you have a considerable amount of money, you could think about two kinds of cards. Firstly, the ‘save the date’ cards and secondly the formal wedding invitations. If you have to draw dissimilarity between them, the ‘save the date’ invite has nothing but the marriage date. The purpose of this is that your guests can clear their schedules set the date for the wedding at the earliest. The ceremonial wedding cards have more niceties the occasion such as the time, attire, venue and contribution.

• One more type of NRI wedding cards is the ‘wedding table’ card. In some ceremonies where the seating plan in the function is assigned, the table notes help guests get their seats. Seating planning in a wedding is perfect as it encourages communication between guests sharing same interests.

• Next is the ‘Thank You’ card which is commonly seen in the marriage ceremony. But, unlike the cards talked about above, these cards are sent out when the function comes to an end. This card goes out to those who actually were actually present at the event as a symbol of the newlywed couple’s gratitude of the guests' turnout.

All of these wedding cards form a significant part of the wedding minutiae. By tradition, these cards are designed on the basis of the wedding theme. Contemporary cards can be in print and can have designs such as flowers, beads, confetti, ribbons and much more. Whatever purpose or design the card has, remember each wedding card is special!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Essence of Invitation Cards

invitations cards for wedding
Our life is full of diverse kinds of feelings and the two most important human emotions are a joy and sadness. There are some special cases are specifically we wanted to share it with others. We invite friends and relatives to share our happiness or sadness.

An important part of wedding is to invite guests. In general, visitors are invited to the invitation. Indian wedding cards are available in various styles and designs. Today you can have a real rich look and Scroll Wedding Cards. This can send the invitation look unique and special. Like every year, organized by the National Fair desktop recently in New York. Hundreds of exhibitors and buyers for this show come from all over the world. Among the different types, one of the most popular wedding cards was rolling.

There are various advantages for using invitations cards for wedding. Through an elaborate invitation card, you can express yourself better than other choices of invitations. This card will help call to remind friends and relatives about the date, time and place of operation. If the invitation verbally, then you can forget to say something, but the card will not forget anything. The card is the most formal type of invitation. After the name of the card, which can confirm that those who were invited and those who remain. Card is the best choice if the person is not home and not come to the phone.Christian wedding cards

Select the card will be a difficult task for you. Generally Christian wedding cards are inspiring the invitation cards as compare to   others have done. You must have a good paper, but your invitation code. It is true that only the cards are very expensive, but a simple and easy access cards can also be shocked to know, that you are. You should also think about the wording of the invitation, there is more to influence the reader. The language should show kindness and finally read the receiver can not get the card because of the great theme of the card should be so is not the question be read.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tips for choosing Traditional and Exclusive Wedding Cards

wedding cards
A Traditional wedding card generally consists of a single sheet of white thick board printed which has wedding details. In many traditional wedding cards to give them exclusive look most of the time they are updated with Gold or Silver foiled highlight. If you are planning your card to be Exclusive wedding cards then it’s better to choose bright colors and some gold foil to decorate your invitation card. Many couples generally prefer textured card for their wedding invitations but more hammered card used as traditional invites.

The "Modern" traditional wedding cards mostly vary in style from the original tradition invites. In this type of versions either it is half-folded or pocket-folded card with clear cut details. They give traditional feel due to their simple style. Simple styling can be done to the cards like using Satin ribbons for knot or bow. Satin bows and ribbons, are more fashionable and in demand nowadays and can make the invitations look more expensive than they are. If you want raised text on your wedding invitations then there are two options. The first one is quite common form known as thermograph printing. In this type of printing one requires a fine sprinkling powder on wet ink and later heats it up. This kind of process is quite affordable than the traditional method as embossing. In traditional wedding cards the embossing method is used and in that metal dies are engraved with the couple's wedding details. Later on pressure the metal plate is pressed onto the card which creates an indentation. After the indentation we get clearer, defined images and text. The advantage of thermograph printing is price and the disadvantage is the less defined text. Mainly many couples prefer lower cost in comparison to the quality.
Wedding Card Designs
While planning your wedding it is important that you don’t forget the people whom you want to be present on your special day. So, to invite your near and dear one you need to give complete details in your exclusive wedding cards. As in the age of high technology where we can send instant communication, from any part of the country and that also instantly, still millions of people prefer to send personal wedding invitations. Marriage card is usually printed with complete information and details of the wedding like date, place, people concerned and more.

To choose best marriage card you need to shop in advance like selecting designs, color and how to be written etc. Deciding invitation is something that one should not leave for last minute because it will take time to choose the right paper, layout and font for your wedding invitation. The wedding invitation is the represented as official message about your wedding that a guest will receive from you, so make sure it look special and graceful enough. In wedding invitation the whole set up of printing is specialize because it requires good printing paper. The invitation even includes, thank you card, envelopes, formal writing paper and coordinated note cards. The most important is thank you card.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Creative ideas for Indian and Custom Wedding Invitations

hindu wedding cards
If you are planning to have an Indian wedding in the near future, then is important is to choose correct Indian wedding cards. If you are keen that invitation card looks stunning without busting your budget. It’s important to put correct words and more important is to represent these words beautifully and moulded with great designs.

A card generally carries religious image on them but the fact is that, the cards carry every single element that make the 'Indians' cards look so special. It’s important to keep in mind that these elements don’t look overlooked. While designing Indian wedding cards, one must have good sense of textures, colors, designs and decorations that make up the Indian look special. It is necessary that the design of card and envelopes should match well with each other and even looks appealing.

Indian wedding invitations is mainly divided into two broad categories:

Religious wedding invitations: There are Specific designs, colors and styles are preferred by people belonging to different communities, therefore different invitation cards like Hindu wedding,  Sikh wedding, Muslim wedding and so on. The cards like for Muslim Nikaah or for the Sikh Anand Karjat, one must expect intricate designs and nice touching wordings for the card. In fact, the wedding cards should be designed with vibrant colors, traditional designs and rich decoration these are inseparable and vital factors for any kind of Indian marriage invites.

Themed invitation cards: As the Indian card is steeped from the old traditions and practices. There is various kinds of themed invitation cards available and many people buy and choose themed invitation cards. The scroll invitation card is an example of a themed invitation card.  Many marriages cards resemble a royal scroll, these royal scroll remind us one of the messages that are passed in past in royalty.

custom wedding invitations
Here are a few tips to help you choose Custom Wedding Invitations:

Colors: The Indian wedding invitations are colorful - with lots of reds, gold, saffron and green in them. These vibrant colors symbolize the love, passion and energy that make the wedding look especial.

Designs: The Designs plays vital role in Indian wedding invitations. The things which make look the invitation so special are the use of delicate patterns and motifs; wedding invites are made to look best, decorative and traditional too. Many wedding invitations use traditional motifs and designs but at times religious motifs dominate the traditional ones. So, it’s better to decide which one will be better for your wedding the religious, traditional or modern beforehand.

Font: Font plays main role while printing invitation. It is important to choose the color and type of font while printing invitation. It’s always preferable to choose high fonts that look attractive and traditional as well as readable. The Contrast is main factor which need to keep in mind while planning the invitation. All have to be careful while matching colors that looks appealing and easy readable. The good printing leaves an immense impact because that will enhance the beauty and readability of the card.